BIG love for Forza Motorsport 6!

I just want to make it known that I am still deeply in love with FM6.

I’ve been playing FM6 solidly again (started a fresh save, just because) for several weeks after many times of rage-quitting FM7 because of the buggy UI and garage delays and other stuff that shouldn’t be present in a modern-day game. I popped back on over to FM7 yesterday for some muliplayer action and I was bored within half an hour - bored of the car sounds, the dull track lighting, the lagging in the car selection and graphical glitches on track, including the race starting with half the pack already at the first corner (is that still happening??). D-class lobby had 12 people when I joined and half of those quit because they couldn’t handle the cars and ended up in tyre walls - in D-Class!

I rage-quit again and immediately switched to FM6, straight into a D-Class race with my underdog car, 20 out of 24 people in the lobby and I had a fantastic first race! The next hour of races were heart-poundingly fun with very close and decent racing. The car sounds are better, the car handling is more logical, the kerbs are as kerbs should be, the track lighting is easier on the eye, the tuning/testing process is much easier and quicker, no stupid avatar swaying all over the place, no stupid tannoy when sitting in the pits, no graphical glitches or pop-ins or fps loss, no UI bugs. I honestly don’t know why I keep going back to FM7 in the hope it’ll improve, especially now we know Turn 10 aren’t working on it anymore.

It was really good to see more people in MP on FM6 than FM7.

Yes, FM6 is getting old now but personally I can’t really tell when in the heat of a bloody good race which, to be honest, is all I want.

I got FM6 when it was free (I actually ended up buying the ultimate ed. for $5) since I skipped it when it came out and went directly from 5 to 7… and I couldn’t agree more with everything that you said!!
Except I may prefer FM7 lighting (at least with HDR), but that’s it. I always come back to FM7 hoping to find something that makes me stick to it again, but I just end up rage quitting… one time because of bugs, another because of wereckers in MP, another because I just get bored.
Instead on FM6 I’m probably having the more fun I’ve ever had in a racing game. I’m finishing the Nascar DLC, and I don’t think I’ve ever played so many single player races…
Despite what I’ve read on here, I’ve found the multiplayer to be more enjoyable too.
See you in some FM6 lobbies.