Bhullar's Gallery (Updated 6/12/2021)

Welcome to my Gallery !
Hope you guys like it !

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Unfortunately you haven’t linked the images properly so that they are visible in the forum. A quick tip is to right-click and open the image in a new tab, so the URL bar has a .jpg or png at the end, then you can use the embedding code properly. Like so:

Speaking of which, this shot of the M4 is beautiful, the composition and sense of speed are awesome and the B&W is a gorgeous touch. Well done!

Some constructive criticism with this shot of the 918 is to reduce the aperture so that the rear end of the car is still in focus, and only the background is blurred with that much intensity.

This also goes for the colour M4 shot, tone back the aperture just a little and you’ll get the hang of forzatography quickly. Great first couple of shots and i can’t wait to see more!

Yes, I’ve noticed the aperture being too high in lot of my pictures. I appreciate the feedback, and will surely keep that in mind.

The black & white M4 is a beautiful shot.

2 new shots

This is gorgeous, feels like an alternate end credit scene for Fast and Furious

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Those close ups are solid! Great framing and lighting.

I like the way you captured the reflections in the Ferrari close up, and the atmosphere of the Diablo shot