BG55.COM Forza Tuning Calculator BETA

A few days ago we published an update to the BG55.COM FTC. The link to the beta is here : BG55.COM FTC BETA and we have a racing/tuning community setup here where we discuss use and development of the BG55 FTC, Forza tuning & design, as well and other racing games.

There is a discussion going /r/Forza as well.


I just gave the beta a try on a Corrado using the “RALLY” tune type. The suspension was spot on perfect. I didn’t need a single adjustment. On the jumps it had the right amount of catch without the bounce while still corning with the proper amount of aggression. On the transmission I had to adjust the final drive some, but I know that can be attributed to the accuracy of the information I’m pulling from the game. I did an AWD swap and the differential settings looked aggressive, but it worked perfectly.

I saw you also have drag and drift types. I’ve never tuned for drift so I’m curious how they’ll work. I’ll give those a try next.

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The site looks wonderful and has lots of valuable info! Keep up the great work Lou!

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I would like to try my hands on tuning myself since my followed tuners don’t have tunes for all the cars, but I’m having a bit of trouble with it, mainly because I don’t know where exactly I can find all the information about the cars that you need to fill out in the different sections. And am I assuming correctly that this only works when you have all the parts installed?