Better get kraken achievement not popping

I’ve done the kraken twice in the spleen s5s raptor and both times the time was under 6 mins but the achievement hasn’t popped anyone else experienced this


Title says it all really, completed the kraken race multiple times (4) in the saleen s5s raptor both modified and unmodified, with lap times sub 5:50 and total times also under 6 minutes (also suspected that to begin with). Leviathan unlocked just fine. Any ideas or other reports?

Same here, I just made a almost identical post which is under review.

Completed 3 times, no achievement has popped

Did you use right car? I got it in first time by using that saleen. And that achiviment is way too easy when you can get stock saleen around kraken under 6 minute.

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I also got it 1st try. Has to be in the Saleen Raptor.

Same problem here, other achievements unlocked just fine so this is my last one. (try 4 time with stock s5s with 5.50s)

After doing some research because I was having the same problem, it looks like clearing your Xbox cache will work. My achievement popped as soon as I restarted the game.


I actually realize few moments ago that i havent “complete” kraken yet, i have race kraken almost 20 times allready but i have allways use blueprint (and i got saleen cheevo by using blueprint) but i didint have get reward for beating kraken and got that when i complete that normal race what game suggest.

Also have had the Same experience - Didn't get achievement despite doing what it says. - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

I unlocked the track legit and then did single player race using the default exhibition blueprint. It unlocked fine.

I did not use someone else’s blueprint.

I ran the the Kraken exhibition using the Saleen S5S Raptor and finished with the total time below 5:40 and the achievement didn’t release. After a couple of hours my game froze “imagine that” and restarted. Once I was back outside the house the achievement released for completing the Kraken in under 6 minutes.

A friend that was in the party chat said wait let me restart my game and the achievement popped for him. So yeah it has an issue but not completely broken.

Kraken worked fine but I can’t unlock that viking suit from leviathan. Done it multiple times but suit says win leviathan, which I did many times. On pc so it is not a cache thing. Cleared my cache about month ago in Xbox.

I can confirm that restarting the XB1 makes the achievement pop. I ran several laps under 6 min yesterday, and nothing happened. When i fired up my XB1 today, it was suddenly there.

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Same thing happened to me last night did two back to back races under 6 minutes and no achievement popped so I turned my console off disconnected the power cord and after that it worked guess u have to clear the cache

A hard reboot does fix it!

Wish that’d fix the sound, crashing, lockups, screen tearing, lag, horrible auction process, inconsistent UI… lol

ps not hating’, I do love the game

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Shut off your xbox. When you turn it back on, hold down the power button for 10 seconds or so. While my game was loading me back up into my “home”, it popped up for me along with the leviathan goal

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Yep, Unplugged it, Plugged it back in, Started the game, waited the 10 minutes for it to start, achievo popped

Same as most people here, popped after I restarted the Xbox.

Hard reboot made it pop up.