Beta Feedback

First, I’ve really enjoyed the beta!

I have played all the Forza games, but I haven’t particularly come to grips with the Xbox One controller; the overall feel of it is bulkier and more uncomfortable, and the triggers have some nasty deadzone that I have had a hard time adjusting to (this persisted even after eliminating software deadzone in Forza’s advanced settings and acquiring an Elite controller…), making my overall racing experience in Forza 5 & 6 on Xbox One quite frustrating. Between these pedal and overall comfort issues, I just don’t feel the cars quite the same way I can with the 360 controller. I still play FM4 quite regularly, and I figured my only real hope of having consistent fun with Forza 6 would be with a steering wheel. While that’s still an open question… at least I was able to experience the latest Forza with a proper controller!

And I’ve been quite happy overall with my experience on the PC version. I’m not fully comfortable with the handling, but I’ve had some great battles already that would have been impossible for me on the Xbox One.

However, there’s some aspects to Forza’s design I don’t much care for. Why when I start these games up for the first time must I sit through some guy jabbering and then do a race, before being allowed any choice of settings or assists? Or even basic choice of game mode? The first thing I wanted to do when I got Forza 6 was jump into a free race on Watkins Glen. For the beta, my experience was worse, because I forgot to plugin my 360 controller first. So, I had to restart the game, as I wasn’t doing Rio with a keyboard/mouse, and then had to watch it all over again. As a sort of career mode feature it makes sense, but it shouldn’t be forced onto “first time” players. Let us get to the first rio race via the main menu, so we have some choice about how and when to approach the beginning of the main game.

And just as annoying is tutorial guy explaining concepts I’m already quite familiar with… it’d be great to be able to turn all that off. I don’t mind it being default for those who aren’t accustomed to the series, but it just wastes my time and gets mildly infuriating.

Overall though I’ve had a blast, and I am looking forward to the release!

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