Best wheel stand for Fanatec CSL Elite?

I’ve just received my Fanatec CSL Elite set from the Black Friday sale, and my desk is a bit high for a comfortable driving position. I need a wheel stand that is solid and will fit the wheel and pedals. I’m not looking for one with a seat as I currently have a PlaySeat office Alcantara racing chair. My pedals currently fit nicely against the wall but I’d prefer them hard mounted. The choices seem to be Wheelstand Pro, GT Omega or Next Level. Anyone have an opinion? Thanks.

Opinions are like…

Well lets just say, everybody has an opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either the GTOmega or the Next Level Racing stands would be fine choices. Both offer a center post free design and a wheel deck that is supported in two places. Both also have shifter mounting solutions should you get a separate shifter down the road. And if you ever decide to get a gaming cockpit, then both the GTO and the Next Level stands can be made into cockpits.

Personally, I like the GTOmega ART cockpit… but that is my opinion.

Thanks. I went with a GT Omega in the end. Bought the v2 shifter mount too for when I do get a shifter. It’s out of stock until the 21st of December though. :frowning:

I’d love a proper full cockpit setup but I use my PC for more than racing games, so I can’t really justify it.

Completely understood, and there is nothing wrong with that. What’s the point of a gaming PC if you don’t use it for gaming? LOL

I find myself playing more of Fallout than racing sims lately. It’s probably because I am messing around with Reshade. I’m trying to get it to really “pop” but, for the moment; it’s a glare filled high contrast mess.