Best way to increase turn in?

So, assume you have a build that you feel is perfect (for you anyway) in every way but one. That way being the car doesn’t quite seem to turn in the way you want it to. I’m not talking terrible, just a little less than your liking. What would be the most likely adjustment to make without causing another issue? Like I said, otherwise the car seems perfect.

Try lowering front ARB or adjust front camber or tirepr front or all of them.

Will do, thanks

depends on the drive type too …just remember more info on the car in question the better the help we can give .

I mostly use front engine/rear wheel drive cars. I’m no pro at tuning but after I finish the build I want I start off by experimenting with different tire widths, when I find the combo I like the most I usually run a lot of negative camber up front, I also play around with the brake balance and decel diff settings. so the rear steps out just a tiny bit but still maintains grip when turning in, I find it helps get me around corners a little quicker in cars that don’t handle so well through low/mid speed turns.

Adding small amounts of positive toe (e.g. +0.3) in the front and negative toe (-0.3) in the rear will also aid turn in.

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**** I am a new tuner, so wouldn’t take this as the same weight as say some of the good tuners, because I’m not, yet.

I would have adjusted toe first- up to .4 on front I typically like negative on the back, but have brought rear toe to zero to help with turn in. When my front toe wasn’t enough

After reading the about suspension setting, I wonder if adjusting the rebound stiffer in the rear would also help the turn in, as well?

*** again wait for the real tuners to answer but the toe does work in my experience.

Yes it can but as Worm has stated in his guide and on these forums over and over again. Adjust the end of the car that needs help! If it’s understeering or has slow turn in adjust the front of the car only. The only exception that I know of is the decl on the differential witch if set too high will limit off throttle turn in. Instead of going up one in the rear go down one in the front.

I understand the concept. Work on the end of the car it needs it but I thought suspension especially rebound effect the opposite side of the car so if I’m trying to effect the front (work on the end that needs the working) aren’t you essentially doing that? Because if you come off the front you would get more weight on the front but wouldn’t it effect the contact of the rear when accelerating out of the turn that you exiting?

I am not trying to be argumentative, in the slightest. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. I’ve read worms guide start to front numerous times and half the time I think I should just follow all his comments.

On turn in - “Conservative to aggressive not aggressive to conservative”- worm

I try my damnedest to follow this. I’m learning and getting better. It’s just so much info to absorb, and its a bloody interlocking puzzle. Do this, effect this and this.

I know it’s got to be a pain to say the same things over and over so apologies if you think I’m being thick.

It’s not easy espicaly if what your doing works! I have been tuning all my cars since day one on the first Forza, even though it might not have been the right way for the game. It’s a huge learning process that requires a ton of trial and error. It’s really hard for those who can do this in the real world easily, but you now have to learn what works in the games world! I re-tuned my FM4 garage three times because the first time I didn’t know the correct way the game wanted some things done. The second time I tried another build skipping parts I didn’t need. The third redo was because of something Worm posted to someone I didn’t know either. That was over 400 cars and it took forever! Heck I’m just finishing re-tuning the 35 cars I have in FM5 because I was running the diff settings way too high on some and not enough camber on all of them. Be patient with it and you will pick it up as you go. Keep asking questions whenever you get in a jam or confused because I’m sure someone’s gonna tell me something I didn’t know either and I’ll start tuning my cars all over! Lol.

The big question is what type of corner do you need more turn in? High speed sweeper on or off throttle, low Speed on or off throttle or switch backs. Like Reaper said what drive type are you working with? One minor adjustment on the wrong part could show up elsewhere. Decrease front ARB one or two will help so could rebound, bump, toe, diff decl. Whatever you choose make one small adjustment and give it a lap or more too see if it works. Also it’s always a good idea to save your tune first just incase it gets screwy you can reset it.

Don’t forget about springs. Springs could also help your turn in with softer springs in the front. There’s plenty of ways to assist your turn in, you just have to play around to see what helps you the best without disrupting the rest of the car.

All you need to do is lower the differential decel and the car will turn in on lift.

There is a difference in more steering response and more turn in so you need to be sure what you are asking before doing so. Some of the suggestions in here would kill turn in and some would kill response so you’re likely running in sand taking them.

Make sure it isn’t response you are asking about. Also make sure it isn’t actual steering effort after initial turn in (how hard it is to turn)