Best track to practice with drifting

Just curious what everyone else thinks the best track to practice drifting is, I always like bernese alps any of the 3 configurations and the figure 8 top gear, but I want to know what some professional drifters think

Silverstone National is quite popular. I would personally recommend both Rio Mini Reverse and Catalunya School, though.

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Lime rock is a great track to practice on!

Best environment for practicing drifting by far is the open airfield in ‘test drive’ mode, as this allows you to practice everything from quick direction changes, jump drifts, and sustained sweepers. You can practice everything on there, and it is also a great area to practice tandem drifting also; and is accessible in multiplayer by selecting the ‘tag’ gametype.

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Silverstone National & Lime Rock are the best tracks to learn how to drift on Forza. Start at Silverstone National learn how to link the turn together. After you find it easy go to Lime Rock and do the same Lime Rock being more narrow giving you less space to make mistakes. Tandems the same thing applies. Also it if you can for tandem runs try to find someone with more skill then you’re self this will benefit you making you a better driver in the long run.

id say go to limerock if you are a beginner but have somewhat of an understanding of sliding reason why is because it will teach you how to transition on the s turn and also teach you how to get angle and how to mat it just a suggestion ive been playing since the early days of forza I don’t race in any series cause none of them are worth it but if I did id be one of the best