Best time to upshift?

Playing with manual on, when is the best/fastest time to upshift?

pull up your vehicles HUD or movement registry(forgot what its called) with the up keypad when you watch the torque start to drop dramatically before it readlines, thats the only thing I can think of.

I usually shift a few rpms before, example if I have a car that redlines at 8 and if im in first ill shift at redline or close to it, when i start to reach 4th, 5th(depending on the setup) ill shift sooner(7,400+/-) so my powerband wont drop as much and the next gear can catch it. If that makes sense, its up to you though.

It will vary car to car, I usually just go as close to limiter as possible. Depends on circumstances though, sometimes I’ll up shift a bit earlier to help keep the steady accelerating out a corner etc.

For lower gears I often upshift quite early to reduce the chance for wheelspin and to get higher torque and better grip. The same goes for cornering, I seem to get better grip in corners if I stay in higher gears and lower revs than what I would normally do in real life, there is something weird with downshifting in this game and the relation to grip. That’s on a Thrustmaster TX wheel.

For higher gears I try to upshift near the redline on the HUD but it often gets influenced by the track. For the above mentioned reasons I try to avoid changing gears in corners.

You will also want to exit your corners while increasing your corner radius (going from apex to outside) and increasing your acceleration at the same time. At that point I never upshift either even if it means going into the redline briefly. You could say that I should have taken the corner in a higher gear but it all depends on the layout of the corner. That last really long righthand corner on Road America is a perfect example of one I might exit in the redline before upshifting.

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Staying in higher gear (and lower revs) can keep the car more stable, whereas lower gear can allow better acceleration, at a cost of more twitchy car. It depends on the corner, but shortshifting is a legit technique.

I think I know what you mean about Road America. I always try to get a wider entry, so I can start accelerating earlier. Like this I can focus on getting perfect upshifts which, as someone pointed out, seems to be almost at the limiter, well into the red. Although it’s still a tricky corner this one. And one of my favourite tracks …

One thing I’ve always wondered about in relation to up shifting is that on the torque graphs in the tuning section, it seems to show peak power being achieved well below the red line in all cars

However when I have tried changing my gears earlier to match the rpm at which peak power is delivered, it always seems much slower than the old standby of changing just before red lining. Any ideas why this is?

To determine the optimal shift point you must consider two changing points… What your current engine torque is and current trans gear ratio and what would be the torque at the rpm drop of gear and the next trans gear ratio. As long as acceleration is higher than what it would be in next gear you don’t shift if your goal is max accelerate without regard for current traction availability.

One easy way you can check this is with the g meter in the telemetry screen. The g should hover in the same position after the shift (ignoring the shift jolt due to stored engine inertia). If it drops then the shift was too early, if it picks up then it was too late.

Cheers for the advice I’ll definitely check that out.

I’d also be interested to know what controller usersvwho don’t use TCS do when accelerating off the line in a high powered car. Do you try and control the wheelspin in first with the throttle or just drop it into second ASAP? Ive always been a control the throttle driver but I’m not really sure if this is quicker in say an Indy Car

Can not be answered in general, it depends on how the engine torque curve look like.

the guys are right, im used to playing with only 10 cars and I know what to look for and have a good idea how itll go. listen to the rev on the engine, I got surround sound so its easy, get to know ur car, cruise around a course, shift when you think you need too, then go a little faster and see how that works, every car is different, its also goin to depend on what upgrades for you do also, its really just throttle play, start off something small and work your way up, weve all been playing for quite sometime and the clutch button started in I believe forza 3 or 4 so that was about 4 or 5 years ago, but it doesn’t hurt to learn something new!