Best S2 Cars

I’m not sure if this is already a thread somewhere, but I thought it would be cool if people could use this to share what they think to be some of the best S2 cars in the game.

I’ve already put many many hours into the game and tested a lot of the cars and I’ve found the following cars to be very strong in S2 road racing.

-1989 Ferrari F40 Competizione
-1996 Ferrari F50 GT
-2010 Pagani Zonda R
-1998 Nissan R390
-2018 McLaren Senna
-1998 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion
-1997 McLaren F1 GT

NOTE - on the Porsche, Nissan, and McLaren F1, use the normal race tire compound, not the “horizon race tires”. The normal race tires actually provide more grip and have visibly less tread on them (not during winter). This can be seen when you compare the grip statistics of the two tire compounds, This is an important factor in upgrading these cars.

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BAC Mono. Ez win


you forgot the Elise GT1

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Agera Rs
Even it’s stock it’s a beast!

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Agera Rs is not that good especially with its overrated PI.

The zonda R, TVR Sagaris and skyline LM forza editions are great

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who cares about “best cars”…best drivers is what counts


Bexause there are cars that are distinctly better than others in certain classes. Duh

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If you’re not a good driver, a good car can help.

For me it is the Aventador, I got one with rally tires and still win against X class on tarmac, while not being that a good driver.

My favorite S2 car is the McLaren 720S. Other than that I have the 812 Superfast and Aventador as my offroad cars.

For S2 Goliath: Ultima Evo 1020 . 400km/h top speed and insane cornering. I’ve yet to find a faster S2 around Goliath.

I ground up the last of the Road Racing Influence I needed using the Alfa Romeo 8C Forza Edition (yes I know credits boost not influence boost, but I need a castle too). It’s a built car, added a centrifugal and a front splitter, and I was very surprised by how corner keen it was. At 850hp I have no trouble keeping it planted without tcs/stm. Sounds suspiciously like a C63 AMG, but that isn’t a bad thing. It’s no super car, but its one very capable sports car. Did a 9:35 Goliath and I was very tired.

I’m running the Arel Atom in S2 for dirt, cross country and most Forzathon hourly events. It is very quick and fun to use for me. Will give the BAC Mono a try one day.

Ultima 1020, and the Zonda C are still super good.

Aston martin vulcan fe is been really good to me, top speed bit lacking while driving goliath but cornering is really good. I first start grinding goliath with alfa 8c but with alfa im abaout 20sec per lap slower than aston. Other than aston, Senna, porsche 918, zonda c are really good.

Love the Nissan LM nismo FE. Fully perked it’s my go to car for farming road race to reach lvl 20.

So you noons haven’t used the Nismo GTR LM Sforza edition yet lool

I also made a list with some of the best S2 cars in the game. Generally, this class is very diverse which makes it my favorite one. <3

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Clearly the best car is the bmw isetta

you should add the Lambo Centenario for s2 for best rain and best brakes for rain it beats any rain car out there