Best place for "Threading the Needle" skills?

After several hours of driving up and down the highway and getting only one I am resorting to asking here, where can I get these done?

On the motorway section, but do it in solo mode for more traffic.


I completely forgot that both solo mode existed, and that there was more traffic density in solo, lol. Thanks for the help.

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go over to the beach area and position the parked cars side by side so that when you pass between them you get the skill.


This. What a great tip, I got my challenge for 5x “Threading the Needle” skills done in 2 minutes! The hardest part, and it’s not that hard, was pushing a car so it would be parked next to another one with enough space to go in between, and that only took about a minute to setup.


There’s a better way… you can invite a friend over to play the game for you.

I don’t see the point in not playing the game.

Many people want to play the game, just differently to how PG try to force them to play it. Getting “Threading the Needle” “skills” is a close to zero skill activity that gives no enjoyment or satisfaction for many people. It is just a chore like doing the dusting or washing up etc. Do you use a washing machine, or do you wash all your clothes by hand? Your comment is like accusing people who use a washing machine of not wanting to “live life”. They do want to live their life, they just want to spend it doing something other than washing clothes by hand.


I suppose it’s because I don’t have Gold, that’s one of the few things there are to do in the game.

This is minor, what really gets me are the ridiculous highs in some of the leaderboards … sure it’s cool that you’re on top for a speed trap with Mini going 400-plus mph but c’mon …

And for the record I used the motorway for the challenge, weaving in and out at ridiculous speeds was a blast.

Yes it was fun to do on the motorway, you just miss out on the fun, lining cars up is boring, and probably takes almost as long to do.

One fairly easy way to get them is to go to one of the big roundabouts and line up a run at a line of cars that is going round it, so that you pass through the gap between the rear of one and the front of the one behind.

Princes Street, Edinburgh is also a good place!

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Yeah. This challenge. Saturday night, I saw a hosted event pop up on the map, so I decided to join it. But then it got canceled or failed to find a server, or something, which I think completely de-spawned the NPC traffic. There were literally no cars on the road. I took advantage of that for the “Car Files”, and then restarted the console. NPC traffic spawned again, but it was very sparse. Even on the highway.

I ended up following a Mini at a distance until I saw oncoming traffic, then speeding up to 80 to pass between them. Slow down, let my NPC friend pass, and repeat.

Ever since I completed the challenge, though, there has been no shortage of NPC traffic. It’s almost as if they deliberately turn down traffic density when they know you’re trying to do these challenges.


The beach area is a pretty good spot but my go-to place is the road on the outskirts of the city near the holyrood races. Either the trail or the circuit and it doesnt have to be done in offline mode

Another way is if you get a threading the needle (or desired skill), hit rewind right away and do it again and again.

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The motorway in solo was easy for me. I just completed the 3rd part of this weeks weekly challenge with the Vans & Utility vehicles.

I’m gonna bump this to hopefully get some people to see this…

There’s a gravel parking space by the “Fortune Island travel location” on the map, if there’s two or more cars parked there you can line them up side-by-side and get the challenge done easy.

It’s the easiest spot to do it in if you:

  • Don’t have friends to play with
  • Can’t find cars on the highway
  • Can’t be bothered to play for more than 5 minutes

It never ceases to amaze me how I can do Threading the Needles any other time without even trying. There’s always enough traffic. But as soon as they put one up for a Forzathon, half of the oncoming traffic disappears. I can circumnavigate the map, drive up and down the motorway, even in Solo mode. I eventually get it, but it takes forever.

And as soon as I finally get it, the traffic picks up again. It’s like the game knows we’re trying to do it on purpose for the Forzathon challenges, and is actively conspiring against us to take away all the NPC traffic to make it as hard as possible.


Funny, that, Peregrine57. I was thinking the very same thing when I did this event this week.

Then again, it seems like I am always getting specific skills when I don’t need them, but it seems to take awhile when I do need them. lol

In FH3 this used to be easy, because of Surfers Paradise’s coastline avenue.

Seems someone didn’t get the memo in FH4 as there’s no good spots for this one. I use the bridge in Edinburgh and it’s still pretty bad. Yet another annoying time-waster that prevents me to do actual fun things in this game.