Best Forza moment ever (the victim was a wrecker).

So I was just playing Forza 5 in a B class lobby on my 2nd account, because this account has been suspended until the 23rd. It was my first race, I was using a B578 PI A45 AMG and far as anyone else could tell this was my first time playing Forza, there was a guy who kept wrecking everyone even though he was clearly the fastest person in the lobby (bar me, but I didn’t have a car to compete) so after the race I sent him a message that said “what’s your problem” and he replied “I’m bored, if I race clean I win very easy…” (but with worse grammar of course).

So I said “pull out your best car, today is my first time even holding an Xbox controller, and I’m gonna beat you next race using a rental car” he then used a Renault 5 turbo, and the track was Bathurst, so I used a rental ZL-1 Camaro. The race loaded up and by about half way around the track on the first lap we were pretty close, but he was holding me up in the corners, and when I went to overtake just before conrod straight he spun me out but I managed to pull a full 360 and pit him into the wall, so I waited for him to prove a point. By the 3rd lap I was about 10 car lengths ahead of him and he tried to straight line me through the chase, so I dodged him, stopped in the middle of the road, and waited again… he then quit the race, I sent him a :slight_smile: and that was that.

When the race ended I was trying to send him the message, and didn’t get to save the replay though :frowning: it took to long to save.

My best lap was 02:17.576 dirty, his was 2:18.401 dirty.

i hate these guys who think they are the best… lol good story! i think he is very sad now.

There’s allot of people out there who think they’re god, because the only people they race are new to the game, or just bad.

I was like that in Forza 3 for a bit, I thought I was an awesome drifter because I was better than my friends, and I just assumed the guys on the LB were cheaters, until I started playing with this one guy who would double my points using a stock Mustang… while I was using a Veyron. By the time Forza 4 came around I was a top 50-30 RWD drifter with his coaching, but damn I get embarrassed just thinking about what a scrub I was lol, hopefully this dude has the same realization.