Best FFB for TX Thrustmaster LMP1's GT's IndyCars & Touring cars

Evening chaps,

I mainly use LMP1’s on Forza, and GT’s / Touring cars. Oh and indycars! Not the lotus though, just not a fan of that car.

Anyway! Just wondering what’s the best FFB for Forza with these cars? I like my FFB strong & resistant, but I know sometimes on Forza it goes slightly limp. Been playing Project CARS where the FFB is really good but if done to strong it will break your wrist lol.

So if anyone has tips, or set ups it’s much appreciated! (Don’t get me wrong I love Forza! Just need a little help from some boffins is all!)

Well there’s not much you can do to change the ffb. Actually you can only change the strenght of the ffb, that’s it lol. :smiley:

This is my setup at the moment: ffb=80, vibration=80, rotation= 900*( except for a few cars i use 540 or 720*, like the lotus f1, lmp1’s and such) steering= simulation ( sim steering seems to deliver the ‘best’ ffb. (if you can use that word for the ffb in this game :D).

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Actually loved these settings, thanks man =D