BEST Fast and the Furious creator?

Hi, I was just seeing which creator has the most comprehensive and accurate F&F designs?

Also, is there way to search a gamertag’s storefront like in FM3 and FM4?

You can search gamertags but unfortunately I don’t know who is the best FNF creator. Good luck!

No worries thanks Ace! So once I find the best designer, how do I have a look at all their designs/tunes etc?

Erm…you can’t unless you are in a car they have painted. I’m sure if you got in an eclipse or Supra or others and searched fast and furious you will find hundreds of replicas. Along with Monster Energy paints they are one of the most painted items. Most well known painters won’t touch the F&F stuff as they have been done to death. Good luck!

Don’t forget Ken block lol

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Until now I have only found “unclean” designs of FnF

If you find a design you like press x for design options then follow creator. After you have done that that persons designs will be on the front page. Hope this helps

and more recently, falken

Check out my Fast & Furious Designs. Have some on the go at the moment and soon to be uploaded.
I tend to go a bit crazy with trying to make them as accurate as possible, I match the number plates too! (If there’s space to fit one on the car model)
I’m better at copying designs then making originals so i stick to making replicas

Search my gamertag if you like them: KILL3RCURTIS (killercurtis in capitals & “e” is replaced with a 3)

Completed Designs:
2F2F Nissan Skyline R34 GTR (Top Secret - Front, Jun - Rear, Nismo - Side Kits)

2F2F Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

2F2F Dodge Challenger

Tokyo Drift Mustang

Preview of two Work In Progress Fast & Furious Designs:

sorry to but in on such an old post, but curtis did you make the black vinyl roof for the challenger? and if you did is there anyway you can post just the roof in the game to use?

Wow very nice mate, some real good stuff, your FNF designs are pretty good.

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Thanks mate, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

the best one is this guy ^ killer curtis

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I did the Fast and Furious Toyko Drift evo, i did it the best i can :slight_smile:

Nice job on that one mate, I would just avoid using stock fonts in the future.

Nice work. I plan on making a version of that Tokyo Drift Evo eventually… after I finish the other designs I have on the go haha!

Here’s a quick sneak peak of a design that I’m putting up in the next 24 hours, just need to keep checking over it. And a cool drift video I made :slight_smile:

Drift Video (Alps)


New Designs coming

Here’s my Design Thread where I will post and upload all my designs to:

Finished Design Now shared!
Search my Gametag: KILL3RCURTIS or File name: FNF:TD RX7

Finished Design - The Fast & The Furious:Tokyo Drift Mustang
Search my Gametag: KILL3RCURTIS or File name: FNF:TD '67tang


I did paint the roof black, but it’s only a square and a semi circle and i think something on the sides as well. I can upload it if you want.