Best Drift Cars and What To Modify On Them

I am looking into drifting and want to get started. What cars are the easiest to drift and what kind of tuning and upgrades do I want to do?

No such thing as easiest to Drift. Read about it watch videos on it watch some real competition and missile events then figure out what you need. People will say lower power to start or 240’s or Rx7’s blah blah blah, that’s just preference. Stats are what matter, a good starting range is. 2700-3000lbs, 350-500HP, decent wheel base so the car doesn’t just keep turning around on it self, decent vehicle width. All list will be different, it basically comes down to your know first and how hard you drive and how hard you try that’s going to dictate anything build and tune related. I run around with a bone stock C6 ZR1 in public’s just to prove you don’t need tunes or builds, its about the driver and then learning how to build to the way you drive.

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