Best controller for forza

My RB totally broke off so I’m in the market for a new controller… I considered the elite but I won’t drop $150 on a controller.

Is there any other decent ones or should I just go with the standard ms controller?

I have the elite, love it

I don’t know of any controllers better than the standard ms controller that’s not priced around $150. I myself have an elite but it came with the elite xbox I upgraded to so the full package was worth it to me. I know Razor also sells a controller with extra paddles but it’s $150 also.

By far, the Elite mate. It’s well worth the expense invested.,as that’s what it is, an investment.

But some hints, make sure you do the updates after you’ve DL’d the ap for it from the accessory section.

Once you’ve updated the controller, set your dead zones to 0 /100 for both steering, acceleration and brake. Then go into the advance settings and make sure they are mirrored correctly.

You’ll find 2 DPad types, stick with the circular one, as it’s far easier to access while racing than the Cross one.

There’s 3 different lengths of thumbsticks. Small, Normal (actually, they’re slightly shorter than standard one, but just by a few mil) and Tall.

The thumsticks and D Pads as well as the Paddles, which come in two sizes, and can be mix-match whichever way you want to use them. And all are held in place very firmly by strong magnets inside the controller…

They do not come loose, no matter how hard you try. Only way is to lift them out of position.

As far as type best for Forza in thumbsticks, I’ve used all three types. The Small and the Middle ones have nice kneeled (textured) concave tops, so your thumbs rest nicely in them. The Tall ones have a very smooth convex surface.

I found the taller ones gave my thumb an ache after a few hours, as it raised my thumb higher than I’m used to, and the slick convex surface often became a tad slippery under extreme stress due to slightly sweaty hands at times.

The Smaller ones made the steering just way to sensitive and the Middle ones are just perfect. Bit like momma bear and goldilocks lol…

After hundreds of laps, the controller is still powering on strong.

The sense of grip is far better than even the Forza 6 Consol controllers. The Elite has heavier rumble motors, and you really do “feel” every twitch in the cars, feel the brakes give uou kickback, as well as a much greater sense of immersion, for a controller.

It weighs much more than any standard controller and is extremely robust.

It comes with a great hard shell carry case that holds all the thumbsticks, D Pads and Paddles, incl a cushion that the controller sits on while in the zippered case.

It’s packaged much like various Apple products are. Nest, functional and a nice bit of eye candy at the same time.

I’ve tried using the paddles, but gave up, but have come up with a system I think will work when I switch to manual with clutch.

That is, using the smaller paddle on the outside position on the righthand handle. So that I can hit gears with my right thumb as usual (B & X) and press the paddle with my last two fingers on my right hand AS I hit the gears.

Yet to practice it, but it did work initially. I just have to get mind and fingers meshed and In sync.

Other than that, don’t bother with the Paddles…

So, I trust this really helps you with your choice…

Oh, and font let anyone tell you the taller sticks give you more Left/Roght turning. The centre posts of both the standard controller and the a Elite are identical, so they can’t go further in shy direction, it just feels that way.

Btw, mine cost me $au199.95 incl P/h, and it was best money I’ve spent on an accessory in ages.


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Wow OZ that was a long post. But I’ll +1 almost everything you say. I love the elite controller and feel the same about paddles etc.

I do find the tall paddle helps. Because it’s taller the top of it moves further when you go from one side to the other. That means it’s more sensitive. Slightly.

Once you’ve updated the controller, set your dead zones to 0 /100 for both steering, acceleration and brake. Then go into the advance settings and make sure they are mirrored correctly.

Can’t you only do this with the ingame advance settings? you only have (Delay) aggressive smooth instant?) on the elite controller ?> not specific deadzones?

I’ve got my in-game setting at 0/100 and the sensitivity on the Elite set to 0/100 on both triggers. I’ll check to make sure, but you can mistakenly set one and not the other to NOT mirror each other.

I’m off the 'box right now, however, I am setting up my new Astro A40 headset tomorrow, so I’ll be checking if there’s any recent Elite Controller updates.

There’s been two since it was released.

You can fine tune the settings, that’s for sure.

However!! I have noticed, that since recently, basically, since all these game related issues have started to appear. I’ve noticed that my once very controllable Simulated Steering, has reverted to the same WAY WAY Overcorrective steering the likes it was when Forza 6?was released.

Now I can barely touch the steering without even a BMW 125i going completely berserk and over correcting itself, and ending up completely sideways at the drop of a hat.

I’ve had to revert to Normal Steering for the time being, thus loosing some instant response and better control that was once there.

Seems there’s a myriad of issues popping up that started just a few days ago.

I’m even dropping off servers, even though I’m only playing Freeplay, which has NEVER been an issue for me since getting the game pre-launch.

So something’s definitely amiss at Turn 10 …


As mentioned earlier, I would check to verify the Review I did previously… Here’s the results:-

To Level Warrior, the sensitivity for each stick can be set either via pre-sets, or via the custom Radial Dial, so you can actually ‘dial in’ the sensitivity of each thumbstick, thus changing the Delay, Agressive and Smooth pre-settings for Thumbsticks. Triggers are different and rate 0/100

And Neo, you can set the dead zone sensitivity on the controller to anywhere between 0/100 on either Trigger, as well as setting the dead zones inside the Controller/wheel settings in-game.

So ideally, both should represent each other for Forza.

Use the 2nd Setting #2 for other games such as FPS’s etc, and you can change the trigger settings on the Elite for those via the Elite Controller Set Up.

I JUST checked while upgrading my Astro A40 Headphone Set. Plus I increased both the Trigger rumble/vibration settings, different left to right for my preferences, and changes the Stalk. (Handle) Rumble settings while I was in there.

So you can have a def difference between the two settings which then skew your desired effects and responses of the triggers.

Once I made sure both (in-game and controller) were indentical, the triggers gave me the imput I was after.

I noticed that if I changed the left thumbstick to Radial Dial settings, I could have a better steering response.

Warrior, once I did that, the sensitivity was much better than you can get than simply popping on the taller left thumbstick.

Give it a whirl, spend some time in the settings of BOTH the in-game controller settings and the non-default or preset settings for the Elite. You’ll eventually bet a much better feel for the controller, and have more control over the cars in general.

Let me know how you go mate…


If you’re not willing to pay extra for the Elite Controller then the Standard will do you just fine. I’d recommend those over any unofficial one as the game was specifically designed to be used on them.