Best cars with the best drift build

Can anyone help me, im pretty new to the game and I love seeing cars drift, I cant drift myself so could anyone give me a list of the best cars for it and the build/tune. Thankyou

Nissan 240sx is a good beginner car, cheap too. You don’t need a fancy tune, just race differential and at least 300hp

The comment on the 240sx is accurate. A great starting point and easy to build and control

An overwhelming percentage of drifting is the drivers ability to control the car. Control in the early stages of learning comes mainly from using moderate HP 300-450hp. As you become more experienced with how the car feels when you cut the tires loose, you can begin to add more power and begin to make small changes in the tuning of the car. This game is very “arcade” like when compared to FM5 and probably FM6, with that said, drifting isnt all that hard to do in this game, but it does take some getting used too. Most people will say, just download my tune, it’ll help. Sometimes this is true, most of the time is just so they can get the download. If someone truly wants to help, they will build and tune a car for you, then tell you that tune, which allows you to make changes as you see fit and doesn’t leave you stuck with their build which is stuck to how they drive

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