Best cars for endurance showcases

Since we’re stuck driving stock untunable cars for the endurance showcases, I thought it might be helpful to hear people’s opinions on what cars are best for each event. So let’s hear it folks

For the P class races, I really like the Audi R18 e-tron. It’s got a high enough PI to be competitive, and the Peugeot has too twitchy of handling for my tastes.

For the R-class races I really like the Corvette. It’s got great speed out of corners, plus it’s got the best sounding engine out of the choices IMO, so listening to it for an hour doesn’t annoy the crap out of me.

For the S-class races I just chose the Benz since I was going for max Affinity. Didn’t even give the other cars a chance.

I tried the Corvette and the BMW in two of the R Class events - it’s funny but I prefer the sound of the Bimmer to the Corvette. I like that high rev whining sound it makes.

I’ve only done one R class event and used the Lambo, I have nothing to compare it with yet, but it felt slow to me. At least that V10 sounded great

Only done the p and r class ones so far. I used the Audi for p class as it has a much more usable power curve for the wet Sebring race. I used the dodge viper for all the r class so far, it’s nowhere near the quickest option but it sounds great, handles sublimely and an be driven to the edge easily, I never felt like I had to fight the viper.

I will probably use the Peugeot for the next p class one I do as Audi affinity maxed in one race, seems pointless to keep using it.

I too found the Viper pretty nice to drive, used it for Road Atlanta. Only needed one pit stop, and really enjoyed the race. Used the BMW at Spa and it wasn’t bad either, only one pit stop needed here as well. Used the Lambo for Catalunya and was lucky to still make it with one pit stop, really needed two, but managed to roll over the finish line and still tick off that event. I really did not like it at all, though. Just today did Sebring in the wet with the Audi e-tron and it’s a nice drive as well. Found if you take it a little easier you can get 11 laps out of a tank, did that twice and otherwise pitted after each 10, requiring 7 stops. Used a Holden for Bathurst, which was horrible, and can’t actually remember what I drove at the Nuerburgring, I do remember I couldn’t do 4 laps on a tank though. Still got Le Mans and Daytona to do, and probably use the Peugeot for at least ond race for affinity. Sebring race was decent for XP, btw, 23 levels with +260% XP and Audi affinity maxed out too.

i haven’t had any problems racing these events with any of the cars they have supplied. I only race stock untuned cars though so I may already be used to the “challenge” of it.

It’s not the “challenge” I’m concerned with. It’s more the worry of driving a car that’s not quite on par performance wise as some of the others. In R class in particular there’s quite a few cars to choose from, it’s unlikely that they’re all perfectly even

For the P class events, you have to use the Peugeot or R15 to win on unbeatable. The R18 has fuel consumption half that of the other two. For R class, it seems more even.

Personally, I used a different car each time and then used xp boost to max out affinity. I think I maxed out about 5 different manufacturers.

This. I ran all the endurance races and never used a make where I already had maxed out affinity. Peugeot was one where I maxed affinity in one race and don’t own a single Peugeot.

Sebring in the rain for 82 laps was a brutal 3 hours. I used the Peugeot and any mistakes you make will be severely punished. If you hit the grass where there is ample distance to a tire barrier, you can easily lose 45+ seconds. I ran this one with all assist off and no brake line. But I had to drop driveatar difficulty to expert to stand a chance.

I’m glad I used the e-tron, and not the Peugeot, but I didn’t do it in one stint, did 21/21/40 with a couple of hour breaks in between, and I was too worried about having to do it again so Highly Skilled was as high as I was willing to go. It ended up being a little too easy probably, with everyone else in my class definitely doing more pit stops.

3 strategies :

  1. Take the cars of those brands of which increasing affinity is the hardest. That means Peugeot for LMP1, Bentley for GT, Holden for V8.

  2. Another strategy is to make sure you drive a car in which you have low affinity. If you equip +x% credits mods you get extra credits from the affinity levelling as well. You don’t get this when said affinity is already maxed out.

  3. Take a car you already have maximum affinity with and equip the manufacturer crew mod. Would be the best bang for the buck if you don’t have any %-based XP or credits boost mods left.

I just used all 9 cars available for the Nurburgring, Catalunya, Road Atlanta and Spa races to get max affinity for them all. Bathurst and Indy are still locked for me. I plan on using the Peugeot for the night and rain races for the affinity and I maxed Audi at Daytona.