Best cars for each stat... a little test, sort of :P

Hello, i usually like to test things, but i might need some help, if anyone knows about any cars that can outrank any other
My goals are simple :smiley:
1 - fastest car (highest top speed)
2 - quickest car (highest acceleration)
3 - best handling car (which can take the most dangerous corner at the highest speed without dying LOL)
4 - best brakes (which can go from x to 0 the quickest, because why not)
5 - off the line (simple, who can go off the line quicker)

Now each of these goals need to have at least 1 car from each drivetrain type, at least 1 FWD, 1 RWD, 1 AWD

If anyone would like to join me on this little experiment, feel free to post your own details :slight_smile:

There’s just one rule… Anything goes, just try to obtain the highest stat possible, have fun.

Fastest top speed is the Jaguar D-type I believe.

Best handling at speed that I’ve experienced is the Dodge Viper '08 with a downforce S2 tune.

To keep it fairer, you might want to just use the stock cars without tunes, because tuning adds so many different combinations into the mix!

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Best handling car would probally be the Nissan from the Motor Sports all stars pack.

Ok so i’ve seen people use the dart hemi as a drag car, i guess that’s just how fast it can go from one point A to point B in a straight line, fastest of all must be the Jag D type, handling so far i’ve used the Ariel Atom and it was nice, but then i tried the new Zonda R and it’s even better, although there are a few more cars that i need to test for handling, quickest car seems to be the Regera, although i can’t test it since i don’t have the DLC, but i’ve heard it can be super quick off the line and up to speed, i think.
As for braking, something very light might do the trick, not sure.

You should also try the Lamborghini Centenario for handling, it’s a grip monster.