Best Car(s) for Rivals Mode?

I searched the Web with google but I didn’t find any Topics(with good answers) which are something like “best car in each class”. I know I’m a Forza Noob but want to know which cars are best when it comes to Rivals mode. I know that Veneno dominates S2, but what is with the other classes? And which car is best for Offroad- Events?

Btw, Sorry for bad english

Remember - driving style, the upgrades on the car, and the settings used in the tune are going to be vastly different from player to player. The event you race on and your experience with it is different too. You can’t just take the same car with the same tune and expect to get top 10’s on everything. But there are cars that I’ve found to be a lot better than everything else in it’s class. I didn’t have to spend much time tuning these and one tune does very good on just about every event (not top 10 good).


'05 WRX
GT-R R34

Maserati 300S
Mustang King Cobra
Alpha Romeo 33 Stradale
Shelby Daytona Coupe

Maserati 300S
Mazda Cosmo

Maserati 300S
Alpha Giulia TZ2

Mustang King Cobra
Cadillac Escalade (This one takes everyone by surprise)
Alpha Romeo Spider

I know that’s not a very long list, but chances are if you had a really long list, you’d probably disagree with a lot of them say “this guy’s an idiot, these cars aren’t good at all”. There are a lot of cars I didn’t put on the list because while they’re fun to drive and they are pretty good, I can’t beat my times with other cars with them. Hope this helps.

Thanks for answering - I will give these Cars a Try.