Best car for 3 staring drift zones

So I was tuning an off-road Alpha Romeo GTA ( the D class king) for a friendly competition going on in the tuners section. When I was just screwing around and got 3 stars in a drift zone without even trying. So naturally I take it to the next drift zone and promptly get 3 stars on that one too. After 20 minutes of this I cleared every drift zone in the Hotwheels DLC and got really good scores too, near or at the top of my friends and club filter, which is absurd! It’s an odd, seeing a D class car above a bunch of S2 cars on a leaderboard. Knowing that you’ve done that legitimately without hacks or glitches is a good feeling. This car is truly the easy button for drift zones. I have shared the tune as ‘ATdrift zone car’

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Thank you very much. I tried it yesterday and 3starred all seven zones I was missing in the main game (I hate drifting and it is really easy with this car/tune - if you turn off TCS and STM).

Used your tune to 3 star every drift zone yesterday - so easy, it felt like cheating, must be something up with the way drift points are given for that car.

The angle doesn’t need to be big but the points you get are still massive, thanks anyway man for sharing.