Being Banned from Forza 6

I want to and a huge Thank You to Turn 10 for monitoring online races and stepping up and banning several of the people who purposefully crash other drivers! This was needed for some time and it is awesome to see results by those banned asking why and being told it was for intentionally crashing people. I received a 7 day ban about a year ago with communication only as a crashed took me out and I wrote him a message I should not have, hence my 7 day communication was appropriate, however I would not have wrote that without him purposefully crashing me. Back then I watched him continue to race with no consequences as I had my ban. Great to see you all addressing these crashers, THANKS a MILLION for this
Dan the Dartman


A “communications ban” likely came from Xbox Live and the Policy Enforcement Team (PET). Turn 10 enforces the Xbox Live Code of Conduct as it applies in the game only, not for things it cannot verify like voice/text messages over Xbox Live.

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