Being banned by forza herizon 3

I have been banned by forza horizon 3 directly yet I haven’t ever scammed anyone on the auction house. They took my paints and I have 1903 downloads yet they took all my paints. Yet [Mod Edit - D] and [Mod Edit - D] can hack my router 3 times and cost me 400 dollars and scam 100 of people on forza horizon 3 and stole personal information where I have contacted xbox along with several other people and he didn’t receive anything. Yet I get banned for absolutely no reason. I’ve had to contact UK police and the non stop hacking of my wifi which he takes my personal information. But yall let a guy like [Mod Edit - D] become a legend and continue to hack people’s routers without any actions towards him. I am canceling forza horizon 4 due to this action and taking my paints and everything that took me so long. This is definitely ridiculous. So if this issue isn’t resolved the right way a after everything that has happened. I will no longer be a forza player after all these years. Hope someone that is in charge of this situation can resolve this ridiculous banned.

Players who believe they have been unfairly banned can e-mail Turn 10 at for further investigation and review. If you e-mail, please be sure to include your Xbox Live Gamertag in your appeal.

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