Beginner X class private lobby anyone?

I regularly play with a group of great, clean racers, but, though we have many things in common, the one thing we don’t is that I love X class and they all hate it.

I’ve never started a group (Forza 5 is my first racing game - there’s a lot I have to learn), but I’d really like to find some people to play in X class with.

When I go to the regular X class lobby, the players who really know what they’re doing seem angry/offended by those of us who are still learning. I don’t blame them, and don’t want to get in their way.

Anyway, more specifically, I love the Lotus E21, and I’d like for that to be the car around which a group would be built. It’s such a fun car to drive, and it kind of evens the playing field because, unless I’m mistaken, about the only thing you can upgrade is the brakes. It becomes about your driving rather than what you’re driving.

If you’re interested, reply here, and we’ll get the rest figured out…