Beetle 63

Is there anyone kind enough to auction the Beetle 63 ? The simple one, not the FE.

I was unaware at the beginning of the game that if I would remove it from the garage I will not find it again neither in the auction house or autoshow.
It’s my first time playing FH, and I wanted to finish my accolades.

Some of them (accolades) are dependent on this Beetle 63.
860.000+ accolade points later, please help me if you can.


You can’t even search for it in the AH let alone list it if one could. It is a unique car.

Anyone could help / try to help ? Thanks !

I contacted support, I got a very confusing answer about compensations that I can’t have :))))))))

I really don’t need compensations, I need a accolades dependent car to be available in the game, that’s it.

Thanks !

As the Volkswagen 1963 Type 1 is either available at the auction house nor at the car market - nobody could help you here except yourself.

Only way to get the car back is to start a new game from scratch. But than your probably missing the other one time cars already given like the Peel P 50.

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