Been Thinking... this usually happens while I am asleep

So Recent Copyright info suggests that Turn10/Microsoft recently patented FORZATECH as a brand/service/product.

Then the information that many of us have been aware of for months… Porsche will be in Forza Horizon 2, as well as make its debut with Forza Motorsport 6.

There has been tons of info floating around, since anytime you say you work for Microsoft, people pay attention to what you are doing… they either want the scoop for their BLOG, or they are worried that your voice will end up in some program allowing people to impersonate you on the telephone, to trick your grandmother into wiring money to them so you can get out of jail but you are not really in jail, you are at work, and don’t need the money, grandma these are scammers, yes I sound the same as the people that called.

So back to it, yes people pay attention. Some people have a vice for a memory system, allowing them to hold on to key information even when people that said it, attempt to steal back the words they said. I, myself have known about the Porsche thing since October, and I don’t post about Porsche, simply because, posts like INB4LOCK, usually net a ban…

When the information about Need For Speed was released recently, My mind took a turn… I remembered back to the days of R&T Presents: The Need for Speed. It was the BEST game I had ever played up until that point. I soon found myself to be the owner of a Playstation, and this game… and only this game for like a year… it was a sad time in my life.

Back on topic, The news of Need For Speed getting a re-boot of sorts, flicked on a light in my head… How are they gonna do it if Turn10 has the license for most of the cars they want to use? Guess What, Turn10 are great about sub-licensing. They have done it before, and will likely continue to do so. This time they set the field in our favor… They got the sub-license agreement from EA, and The Need for Speed game can have its cars…

But you just said that Turn10 already sub-licenses their stuff without too much hassle.

I did.

What I haven’t mentioned yet, is FORZATECH, which is actually the only thing in bold.

While the details for What ForzaTech actually is, my guess is that it will be a product that can be licensed out. Whether it is Physics, car models, Track information, etc. the inclusion of it, in a racing game, or just a game that happens to have cars, Like GTA, could definitely be a selling point.

Who knows, When I go to the store, I might see Need For Speed on the shelf, and somewhere on the box, see “Made Possible with ForzaTech”.

Its like saying that a game runs on Unreal Engine 5… that pretty much sells games, regardless of how bad the story is.

Im pretty sure this should be somehwere else, possibly the forzatech thread? … or maybe the need for speed thread ? The problem is that im not really sure what this post is about

Honestly… I did not even know about the ForzaTech thread being a place… since this would be quite a quite off topic segue, I figured off-topic is a general area… And with some chance of it being used for other games, I really have no idea where it belongs either.

I dont think T10 want to get into the engine game.

That requires a whole new level of support I dont think T10 are actually up to managing.
It was a similiar thing for DICE and frostbite, until EA came along and decided it was the engine to use on all future EA games.

Bioware rewrote parts, added new features, new tools and workflows. This got passed back to the frostbite team who included it by default so that it could be pushed out to everyone else etc.

I just dont see T10 dedicating that type of man power into engine dev/support.

ForzaTech is the game engine… this was info that was just released.

Are you sure you were just sleeping when you came up with all of this? Trippin

you misunderstand.

The engine is for proprietary use by T10, for whatever they want.

If they begin to licence out the engine to other companies for usage, then they must support the engine, continue further development and features etc.
They would need a devoted team just to engine support and dev.

if they dont licence it out, then they do not need to dedicate staff to such a thing.

The part that I might have left to your imagination, is the part that I believe most people are skipping.

ForzaTech is a proprietary Game engine, as stated. This is now an asset. Not licensing out an asset, defeats the purpose of copyrighting it.

EA just all of a sudden allowing Porsche in Forza, while nothing has changed with Turn10 allowing its sub-licensing for Ferrari and Lamborghini, where is the spice that EA is expecting to get out of the deal?

They get to use ForzaTech to build their Need For Speed game, mayhaps? Why not? EA is not dumb, and a lot of details about the game are ringing familiar bells that popped up during Forza 5 release.

You want an Arcade Racing game… Need for Speed has always been a great solution, at least until they SHIFTED gears and tried to make a new kind of game… to compete with GT and Forza, and failed.

The natural choice, is to find someone that makes great games, and borrow some stuff from them, and since you will kind of be stealing sales from them, make it worth their while, by giving them something that allows them to stay profitable.

Porsche/EA/Turn10/ForzaTech combinations… behind the lines, are extremely possible.

EA already decided long ago its “in house engine” was now frostbite, and ghost games has already confirmed frostbite is being used for NFS 2015 reboot.

Forzatech is trademarked, not copyrighted.