Been thinking about getting Forza 5

Hey there everybody!

First off, I’m Ownage and this is kinda my intro thread as well. I’m from the Xbox Forums, and fyerball 72 talked me into signing up here. I’ve been thinking about getting Forza 5 when I get an Xbox One, but I would like a second opinion. Is it worth it? I played the heck out of Horizon. So, what are the ups and downs of Forza 5?

All opinions are indeed appreciated. :slight_smile:


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There are “issues” there is content missing (if you choose to compare to fm4), and there is plenty of negative talk regarding it around, i however do not buy the game to paint, or flip things in an auctionhouse/storefront, so i can take or leave said features. i simply buy the game to race, and IMO it certainly is the closest you can get to driving a car on console. at first i kept my 360 for fear of getting bored with one game on xbone plus GTA is on 360…however after a little over a week of not even looking at the thing i gave it away and never looked back

if you managed to put up with horizon for more than a couple weeks you should have no problems, plus the alternative is need for speed on xbone and i havent looked at one of those since underground2

I bought seven games when I got my xbox one and all I play is forza 5. Great game.

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epic name drop.

if all you’ve played is horizon you won’t notice any of the real problems in forza 5. most of it’s problems are the fact that things were in FM4 and not in FM5. but having never played FM4, it won’t really apply to you.

what you will notice is your ability to tune vehicles.
and your complete lack of ability to drive them.

that’s not an insult. switching from arcade driving to sim driving is quite a transition.

I got the Xbox One, Call of Duty and Forza 5 the day they all came out. I play Forza 5 EVERY day! I really loved Forza 4 but Horizon was a bit of a let down for me, so with Forza 5 back to the simulation that I enjoy I can’t stop playing it. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a top racer, but that doesn’t keep me from coming back every day. If it wasn’t for Forza 5 I don’t think I’d be playing a game on my Xbox One on a daily basis.

So is it worth it? YES!

If you liked horizon you will will probably like fm5 as well, the people who complain about the game are comparing it to fm4, but personally I prefer fm5, I bought the xbox one with three games and all I play is forza, if you are used to the arcady driving physics of horizon you will experience a transition to sim racing, which you will have to get used to it, but the game is extremely fun and it should go fast - if you are planning to buy an xbox one forza is the place to go

Forza 5 is the best game on Xbox One for now. So if you own an X1, you should have FM5 in your collection.

If I didn’t have it I would probably be persuaded by the visuals of the game. And the gameplay. And the cars. And Spa… especially Spa.

Basically in my eyes, it’s an excellent game and well worth picking up an Xbox One for alone. I have Forza and 2 other games and Forza is mostly all I play.

Wait a year or so. lol lil to no feats at this point and nothing for tracks.

I’d recommend getting it. I have Forza 5, Ryse, Battlefield 4, AC4, Dead Rising 3, and Halo: Spartan Assault and I almost only play Forza.

to be honest i think its a awesome game but be warned dont go into it expecting horizon gameplay its alot more of a sim where horizon is more arcadey.

If you plan to play more games than Forza on XBone, then yes, otherwise no.

Honestly if you got the money then yes. But it does lack a lot of sim racing features. If you have a ps3 i would get gt6. I beat gt6 in like 2-3 weeks it was kinda let down as well but they have been updating it with a bunch of free updates. I just spent close to 1000 on the box forza and a wheel last week(still waiting on my wheel). There is a lot of races to beat in this game it will take awhile to beat the whole game and cant see getting bored anytime soon. If you are planning on eventually getting a new xbox 1 then do it if not dont. Its really about the xbox it self in my opinion. There will be way better releases within a year or two anyways.

Good Things; Carhandling, Graphics.

Bad Things; Career(cause to few rounds to have clean race), onlineracing(cause you want find a room without a morqn chrashing everybody), finding and loading tunes or paintjobs doesnt work properly,
too few tracks(which together With 2 laps a race makes you spend most time loading and not racing.)

So the racing itself is very good, but lots of other negative stuff. Compared to Forza 4(which is a very Natural thing to do, even someone says you cant. I Guess they think comparing to Call Of Duty is better…) you will be disappointed by number of tracks/cars, but happy With carphysics.

I would wait a while. I am pleased with the graphics and physics… and that’s about it.

As has been said, there are many things missing from the game, multiplayer is horribly slow, the menus are barely functional, the telemetry is incorrect and because of all this, I am finding my self getting bored and frustrated very quickly. I cant help but feel that T10 was pressured into releasing this game unfinished.

Get FM4 and save your self some money.

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Wait… what?? The telemetry is incorrect with the new physics model? This is the first time I’m hearing that. Can you give some examples?

I don’t even own the game, but I know physics and visuals are all top notch.

Anyway, I look forward to your input. Still saving money for a current gen console, and at crossroads whether to buy X1 just for Forza. That’s what I primarily bought the X360 for.

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Well you’re on Forza 5 forum asking if we like the game and if you should buy it. It’s equivalent to going on a Republican forum and asking if Republicans are good and if you should vote for them… I mean come on, man…

No, this thread is NOT an equivalent to that. This is a Forza 5 FORUM, which means we DISCUSS, not PRAISE, Forza 5. Not everyone on here particularly likes the game, and you will find many threads with problems and complaints that support that notion. Don’t be so quick to jump on people just because you have a misguided definition of “forum” in your head.

Is it your position that you will find the most objective reviews and whether or not one should buy Forza 5, here on the Forza 5 forums? Is that your position? It appears that way.