Been gone for 5 months, what happened!?

Ok, I booted up the game for the first time in 5 months yesterday as I got the itch and REALLY needed to do some racing.

First I had 3.5million credits waiting for me, NICE!

Ok, then I go to the Free Play leaderboards but can’t find any of my times? I go to Nurburgring, as I enjoy racing E-Class and I used to have the fastest E-Class time on that track. Also, noticed that it’s now set to B-Class Homologation? Was the leaderboards wiped at some point?

Ok, I can live with that, but now onto the online hoppers. I enjoy racing C, A and S Class and have tuned some cars that I know used to do very well and nettet me some wins. Join the A class hopped and noticed a few oddities…

  1. It’s homologated
  2. My Ferrari 360 is still A700
  3. My Porsche Cayman S GT4 is A675? ← what happened here? Rebalancing?

It also seems that some cars are locked to a specific Class? I have the old 70’s Porsche RS tuned to A Class but the homologation says it’s restricted to C Class.
Is there no free tuning class hoppers anymore?

And no rain? Everytime a rain race came up it was just foggy?

I looked through the news thread but nowhere does it mention anything about this? Have I just been gone so long that I forgot where to look?

The Leaderboards you see are limited to what car you are in.

If your car is Hmologated you will see the Leaderboard for that car’s Division.

If your car is not Homologated you will see the non-Homologated Leaderboard.

When you change to a different car, the Leaderboard you can see also changes.


There are Hoppers for every Class, with unlimited tuning restrictions.

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Ah ok, that’s actually quite nice so all classes aren’t bunched together.

I was playing around in the A class hopper yesterday and there was definitely restrictions on tires and power. Can I differentiate what kind of A class hopper I want when I join or is it called something else?

That ! just means that it is illegal for it’s own division. A hopper is restricted to A700, doesn’t matter which tires you have… There are some banned cars but i don’t think porsche is in that group. Open wheelers, vans, trucks…

ok, that makes sense. Time to bring out the killers then :smiley:

Thanks for the reply’s guys

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