Beating unbeatable AI with 2000 Ford Mustang (B 700)

I’m just a very average driver and can hardly win a race against expert AI level, not to mention professional or even unbeatable AI.

Today I was trying out the “2000 Ford SVT Cobra R” (Ford Mustang '00) and came across this tune:

296 780 197 (B 700, “MOST POWER/HANDL”)

I drove my favorite track “Playa Azul” and was surpised how easy I could win against expert. Then I tried pro and what happened? I won easily. Finally I gave unbeatable a try and what shall I say: I can quite consistently win even against unbeatable in this car. What a surprise!

Is a.m. tune OP, broken, or did I magically turn into a pro driver? :wink:

I am a bit puzzled what happens here. Anyone?

Quadro40k has a better explanation for this on his Unbeatable drivatars accolade discussions, but basically I think the AI “build” their cars for grip and downforce and run out of PI before they can upgrade power.

Because of this, you using a power build means you can walk away from them on the straights, and they can’t catch much through the corners. Hence you win the race, maybe try on a more technical track (like chihuahua circuit) were you can’t open the taps as much.

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Yes, you are right: Chihuahua Circuit is a different story. I turned back to an average driver. ^^

Thnx for the reference to Quadro40k.