Beat 20 Different Friends in any Rival Event Badge?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve beat friends at rivals events, I beat them in races, and by challenging them after races also, and in the actual “Rivals” lobbies and online.

Why isn’t this unlocking?

Neither of the three badges are unlocking…

Help? Is this a glitch?

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Reported by many. It appears to be broken:

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Is this one still broken, or has anyone unlocked it?

All the other Rival’s badges have unlocked now except this one.

I just found a rivals event i hadn’t done before, 35 friends on the Friends Leaderboard, i did a couple of laps and i’m 7th in the list, no unlock.

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Try selecting and beating a friend twenty times. It may not register if you rank up over other friends in the process of beating a friend you specifically selected as your rival.

Thanks ManteoMax that worked, i only had to beat 4 more friends and it unlocked :slight_smile:

Do they actually have to be different friends or just different rivals events?

They don’t have to be different friends. Just 20 different rivals events. I have the badge and I only beat 2 different friends.

I actually got these badges by beating my friends in an online lobby and not in rivals events.

Similar situation here too, included some free play and some career races though.

Cheers, I must have that badge hundreds of times then, shame it hasn’t popped.

The counter only started after the update. You need 20 since the update to get it to pop.