Be honest, did you ever believe

Be honest, did you ever believe that we’d get to January 20th, TEN weeks after release (that’s almost a quarter of a year), and only have had a couple of half assed patches, leaving so many parts of the game broken?

The list of ongoing issues is so vast it’s almost unbelievable.

25 days ago I posted that I was breaking up with Playground over the issues they’ve not yet corrected, and I’ve not played the game since then.

But, let’s be honest, there’s a good game in there somewhere, so I check in here EVERY day to see if a big patch has made the game playable, and each day I’m disappointed.

Because it hasn’t.

Will it EVER get patched?

What do you think?

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Think they are working on the DLC atm

What do you mean? the game is perfectly playable. Another thing is that the gameplay is horrendous, events are broken, etc

My experience with the game has for the most part been good. I definitely see a lot of bugs though! I would expect a major update/bug smash next week ahead of the new festival series release. That was the pattern with FH4.

Unfortunately, they skipped the last regular update because it hit on the holidays.

When I have the urge to play it, I play it with little to no problem. For all the vastness of the list of ongoing issues, it hasn’t seriously impacted me. Thus I’m more interested in the first DLC than the next patch.

That said, it has been a bit longer than I would have expected since the last patch. If I had cause to be concerned about it, I’d be hoping for some communication or tangible progress by the end of this month.