BATMAN N FORZA attempt at paintbooth [Race][Fantasy][Realistic][Replica]

I will be attempting some of these. they more then likely will not be sharable cause I will use decals others have made. also they will go on whatever vehicle I choose.

Cadillac racing cts-v

Davey Allison #28 white gold red black havoline thunderbird

MAC TOOLS merkur xr4ti

#17 falken gtlm Porsche

agent 47 mustang Harbinger

2010 Ford GT Piloti GT2

Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT - 2007 FIA GT

then a few from forza 5 that I made… I just have to figure out why they haven’t swapped over from forza 5…

#11 Cadillac Racing CTS-V

#28 Havoline on a 2016 Mustang GT350

#40 Piloti Ford GT

Agent 47 Harbinger Mustang

Porsche 911

Try to make your logos take your time it’s more rewarding in the end

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I’ve been trying I’m almost done redoing most decals on the ford gt so it should be done so I can share it. I believe all that is left is the IMSA decal and the Dunlop decals. I personally made everything else. Oh I also still have to do the drivers names, and add world class under the American le mans series decal.