Base suspension tune formulas?

I’ve seen a number of posts across various forums making a case for various formulas to set spring rates, damper strength, and ARB strength.

Does anyone here know if someone has made an effort to gather them and put them into a single reference? Something like that might make for a good sticky post here too.

A formula will never be correct. Take ARB; the amount applied will depend a lot on tiregrip, moore grip = moore ARB. Tiregrip, springs, ARB & shocks needs to be matched.

The cars amount of bodyroll is another part of the picture. Some cars needs to be extra stiffed. Makes me think; mybe I should write up a short “howto” about how I tune?

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unfairlane64 please do, if you have a fair idea of what your doing id really appreciate it, i try to apply real life physics to my tuning methods but its just not right so if you could make a quick post that would be awesome

Lookup HokiHoshi on YouTube for great driving and tune help. ( Forza Horizon 4 How To Tune | Basics Guide - YouTube )

Suspension formula - from a parts upgrade window get your car’s weight distribution (eg. Front 45%, rear 55%). For each front and rear suspension setting use this formula:

Weight% X (slider max setting - slider min setting) + min slider setting

PS - don’t forget to change the weight% factor as you switch between front and rear calculations. The only time your front and rear settings will be the same is if your car has a 50/50 weight distribution.