Barn finds

The game tells me I’ve found 18/20 barn finds, but I’ve got 19 cars in the barn find menu, and still 2 undiscovered barn finds. I’ve read about two barn finds being tied too forzathons that I either wasn’t aware of at the time, or they were before I got the game.

Just wondering why I have 19/21 when game says 18/20?

FH3: 18
Blizzard Mountain DLC: 1
HotWheels DLC: 1
Forzathon: 2

If you have FH3 + one DLC, but missed both Forzathons it’s 19/21.

Ok thanks, I’ve got both dlc, and could be off on the amount of not discovered left, just know it was at least two, and I have found 19

Got a chance to play last night. I had 19 cars, one in the shop and two undiscovered. Collected the one in the shop so now have 20 with two undiscovered. Wonder why the achievement doesn’t pop for 20 barn finds, I suppose it’s cause two are from dlc.

On another note. I’ve read about the Goliath race. Don’t believe I’ve unlocked it in the main map. All festival sites are open, two are at level 2, one at level 3, the other at level 5. Played hot wheels long enough to open Goliath on that map. Haven’t done a lot in blizzard mountain yet. I noticed in the Byron bay, I’m only 20% towards the Finale. This game must be fairly massive.

In horizon 2, I unlocked the horizon championship, after that it brought more stuff out and appears I’ve got more championships to win to unlock yet another horizon championship??