Barn finds+influence boards= influence board finds (seasonal challange)

When i started playing fh4 it felt really special with all showcases,stories, drift zones, danger signs , races, barn finds and smash boards popping all over the map, music is all new to you and everything feels fresh and joyfull but after some time in the game i kinda missed that feeling. Done with new seasonals done couple of online adventures and still found myself wanting to smash some boards but barn finds showcases and smash boards are kind of 1 time only things and you are done with them for the rest of the game. So here is the idea, this can be a forzathon seasonal challange, there is a number of boards each week lets say 5, they are placed randomly in the map and they will have coloured circles in a radius which you will search and find them and smash them(just like barn finds). But they will not appear in your map right away when season starts you need to drive close to the circle to reveal the seach zone.
I tought this could be really cool to see in the game, please share your toughts it can be improved with differnt ideas and overall balanced with forza’s maker team if they actually like the idea.


I do enjoy just exploring around and looking for stuff like this, and getting out the drone, and looking for barn finds. At one point, I was out bonus board hunting, and I remember finding a bonus board up on a hill overlooking the lake, and I remember thinking “this is probably the only time I will be in this particular spot in the game. I will have no reason to come back here once all the bonus boards are gone.”

They craft this marvelous environment with spectacular views, but only so much incentive to go just driving around exploring the whole environment.

Something like this would be a great idea to give us a reason to go exploring again.

They could add a handful of bonus boards that give you cash if you smash them. They could just add more Influence boards, or something. Influence becomes sort of meaningless after a while, so it’s not like they’re going to tank the game economy by adding more. Or, like you say, they could add 5 every once in a while for a Forzathon weekly. Or, every so often, they could add 5 permanently, and if you find all 5, you get a car, or a rare item. Those 5 stick around, so there’s no time limit if you don’t get them all right away, but a few weeks later, they add another 5.


The map already looks very busy so instead of permanent boards these can be weekly so they dont bunch up after some time.Call it forzathon boards, shape triangle make it â different colour so they are completly different from influence and fast travel boards.


I like this idea.
It would mix things up a little and put some empathises on re-exploring Freeroam. A weekly hunt for boards that would yield a small reward each, with a larger reward if you find them all.

Things would be even better if we could permanently remove ‘dead’ boards from our map (as Neuraldren hinted) without having to re-filter the map every session.

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Hard pass