Barn Finds in FH4

Barn Finds return to Forza Horizon. In the E3 demo interview with IGN, Ralph Fulton says that when winter comes, lakes freeze over:

“There are a couple islands in that lake that you can gain access to that normally you wouldn’t be able to, and I don’t feel I’m giving to much away to say there is a Barn Find on one of those islands.”

For those new to Forza Horizon, Barn Finds in previous Horizon games are a game mechanic where a rumor is provided over the radio, a general area on the map is highlighted, and the player searches the area to find a barn location and discover an exclusive car they can restore and own.


I can’t help but wonder, then.

Will Barn Finds unlock for everyone at the exact same time regardless of game progress? Or would someone potentially have to wait weeks to collect their Barn Find?

Asking the hard questions now:

  • If it’s winter when I’m driving on the lake to collect the barn find, and during that time the season changes to spring, do I sink? If so, is there an insurance agent in the game I can contact? Is flood damage realistically modeled in the game now?

  • If I’m on the island and the season suddenly changes to spring, am I stranded for weeks?

  • Will the Lotus Esprit S1 be in the game?

  • How about an Amphicar?

My pre-order depends on these.


I am sure you can just fast travel off of the island. Or they purposefully create the re spawn to be off of the island when it changes seasons. As for the other two, I have no clue.

:slight_smile: Those questions were just me being stupid. The first two as a joke, the second two being cars that can be used on or under water (James Bond’s submarine Esprit, Amphicar). If the worst does happen, yes, I’m sure you can just fast travel off of it.

The first question was completely legitimate though; if Barn Finds will be synced for all, as opposed to the more progress-based system of games past.

THe seasons will change per week, so 1st week its Spring, 2nd week its Summer, 3rd week its fall and 4th week its Winter, and then it starts over again.

One of my favorite aspects of the Horizon series, hopefully they’ve increased the number of Barn Finds this time around.


Bonus points to the developers if a handful of barnfinds are added throughout the year without forcing players to purchase DLC to get to them.


I completely agree! Hopefully there’s no more of those limited time and once it’s over you can’t get them again type deals like FH3 had.

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I bet one of them is a P50.

My only hope is that barn finds are cars that are new to franchise. It felt a little silly in FH3 finding cars I already owned in FH2.

We all know the Reliant Robyn will be a Barn Find along with a Mini

I hope one of those finds will be a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.


…I doubt it…the focus is more on European makes and models…all they have to do is use scanned model from the Fast & the Furious car pack from Motorsport 7!

Imma pre order Forza Horizon 4!

If anyone wants to see what an example Barn Find location/structure looks like, here’s a spoiler from the Autumn livestream on July 17: Forza Horizon 4 - Seasons Change Everything | Autumn - YouTube

If I try to swim my VW Beetle across the lake in summer, do I get the Gone Bananas achievement?


Q: Are Barn Finds affected by seasons?
A: The biggest way in which they are affected is that there are some which are season specific, so there are certain Barn Finds which appear only in certain seasons. [ie the lake island] I think each season has a seasonal Barn Find which is only available during that season.

Ralph Fulton during the “Winter” livestream: Forza Horizon 4 - Seasons Change Everything | Winter - YouTube

So I’ve completed all the prologue qualifier seasons, completed all the showcase events, drove on every road in the game and also played a good amount of events but still no barn find rumor, not even 1. Is this normal? Some people said that I should have gotten a barn find around Autumn/Winter season, basically the beginning of the game but I didn’t have any of that so I’m starting to worry that this might be a bug where the barn find introduction simply didn’t trigger yet, even the barn find tab is locked for me.

not even close to normal before I got out of prologue I had like 4…

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they better fix it, even the barn find thing in the festival is grayed out and says barn finds not available