Bargain Hunt Daily Bugged

Tried to buy a car from the auction house, however I buy one but the daily doesn’t tick off. Anyone else have this?

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It didn’t register for me when I bought a car from auction that I already owned. After restarting the game the challenge was still showing as incomplete.

I then bought a car from auction that I didn’t already own and that worked.

It’s bugged for me aswell. Buying a car I already owned, buying a car I didn’t owned before - nothing, still bugged. Third time they tried to implement it and it is still bugged for some of us. Like treasure hunt last month. After six month this system should work, but they are not able to fix …

Tried several things and suddenly it worked. I’ve done three steps and checked the challenge status afterwards, so I don’t know exactly, which part was the important one.

  1. Restart XBox.

  2. Buy car in auction, buy it in auction screen after pressing Y.

  3. Buy car in car-screen after entering it from auction screen (pressing A in auction screen).

Sorry worked in 1 try over here. Car that I already owned, I own all that are currently available other than the specials like the Ford Coupe FE.

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Nope, tried everything. Own all the cars, followed instructions. Nothing. Doesn’t work.

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Is it on the known bugs list yet?
Winter is coming soon so a quick fix would be welcome. Like said it worked in my case, but then I’m one of those people that doesn’t see themselves as being member of a club and that Ii somewhat annoying to.
Just stating that sadly we all run into bugs just because there are quite a lot.

What bugs me about that situation is that you can’t even buy one unless you already have the controller.
Makes it pointless to even try to buy or sell.
If you have the controller, you’ve got the car, if not you can’t buy it unless you have the controller!!!
What’s the point ?
There were a few up for sale earlier - tried to buy out one but it wouldn’t let me cos I don’t have the special controller.
Same goes with the other “Special” - Ford OPI.
Don’t buy lipstick so I’ll never be able to buy this car even if they are for sale at any price.

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Just bought the car I don’t have from AH. Ferrari 488 GTB 2015. Bargain Hunt cleared for me.

Well like said elsewhere, CR in FH are not that important after a while, but still I hope you didn’t have to pay a lot.

I’ve played FH5 starting at the pre-release, in a relatively short amount of time owned all houses and cars and after that CR is almost useless. Especially as over time you’ve got yourself a good tune for each race type and not everyone wants to own at least one of each car. The occasional upgrade for fun and trial and error doesn’t hurt your balance anymore as it can be won back quite easily. Just play a Horizon Tour, an Online event or an Event lab and let’s say 200k are back in no time. Most I spent on a car in the AH was 20M just because to get the Accolade linked to that. Then sold it for 20 again, losing 2M on fees for the other Accolade. At that time I already owned all, had 22M or so in the bank, not it’s 55M without any really trying to cash in AH sells.

I did the cheapest buy-out I could, worked first time. Maybe that might help? I already have all the cars that are possible to have legitimately.

Done everything everyone has suggested.

Reset my console.
Re downloaded the game.

Ditto nothing. Still bugged.

sorry to hear that, not sure what to suggest other than putting in a support ticket

I have put in a support ticket…

Issues seems to be if you own all the cars, grinded the game (exception of car pass cars) you can not get the daily to be checked off. The only way would be for to delete my save and start over since the Festival Playlist is server based I would still retain what I have already earnt.

The only alternative would try to purchase the car pass car that has been released from the auction house to see if that triggers it to be checked off.

I know it’s 1 point and I do have 51/52 points but it’s one point. :joy:

It’s not owning all the cars that is the issue; I do own all the cars, including the one that comes with the controller and the one that comes with the nail polish. Doesn’t matter anyway, it’s bugged and should have unlocked for you.