What is this track?
& Why is it on my steering wheel?

Another thing that was meant to be in the game but isn’t? Upcoming DLC perhaps? Or maybe just the location of the car when the Forza crew took photos of it or scanned it or whatever they do?

Anyone? I’ve never even seen that track before, so any information would be of interest.

Most likely answer: It was on the car that Turn 10 scanned and they replicated it in-game.

Wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened.

Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, AL.
It’s a beautiful track. Indy Cars race there in April.

My guess is the track map was on the wheel when the car was modeled, but I would love to see Barber added to the game.

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Cool, cool. Thanks for the info.
It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Indy Car (pretty much since they stopped calling it Champ Cars & decided to go oval crazy like Nascar), so wasn’t even sure if it’s a real track. It’s got a nice looking layout to it, looks like something worth having in-game.

I was really impressed with the amount of detail in the gloves of the driver suit very nice but not so much with the steering wheel

I dig the yellow button, has a picture of a turtle, which I assume is the pit-lane speed limiter.

Barber Motorsports Park is a awesome track. I live 15min away from it, Would love to see it in game.


Barber is indeed a nice track, but…

I only spent one day there, but I didn’t like the Turn 8-9 connection. Every time through I was expecting to come out with suspension damage (thankfully, didn’t happen, but it worried me).


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Very cool. I live 45 minutes from Barber. Great track. Awesome motorcycle museum. Lots of series have raced and race there. Indy, IMSA, Moto America, and the smaller series that tour with them. They also have really cool vintage weekends. In the spring you can watch Indycar there one weekend and drive 30 minutes to watch NASCAR the next weekend.

Like others have said it was probably an IMSA car that was used as the model. Maybe around the time of the race and the track map was still on the wheel. A cool detail if you ask me.

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I wanted to post this here for a while, on FM7 the 2017 Honda Indycars were modeled with a different steering wheel instead of having the same from the Chevy’s, it’s common to have track maps on steering but since you can’t customize them, normally turn 10 just leave them blank, except this time they put the Barber Motorsports Park, a track that’s currently not in the game.

I know it’s not good to start creating expectations, especially cause we’re talking about TURN 10 here, so I wanted to ask, anyone heard anything about the track eventually coming to Forza, maybe some interview or something?

Honda Indycar on Forza 7

Well, maybe they were using this particular track map as place holder and forgot to remove before the game lauched, but some part of me still wants to believe that the track should come through some DLC or expansion, it’s currently the 4th round on the indycar schedule but what caught my attention is that the track has multiple layouts which is kind of a priority for turn 10 when adding new tracks, add an enviroment with 3 or 4 different layouts just to make the track list look bigger.

Barber Layouts example

This has been noticed and discussed on here before. The most common theory is that the map happened to be on the real car when it was scanned in for the game. Not saying it won’t be added at some point, but there has been no hint of it that I’m aware of.

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Don’t get your hopes up for any DLC tracks. It won’t happen.

Not that it matters. It won’t make it to the hoppers or leagues so it’ll only be useful in single player.

Barber is one of the best tracks in the US IMO. It’s the only American track I want added to the game at this point, everything else I want added is in the EU, Latin America, Canada, the Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Barber is a very cool place. It’s like a country club race track. The museum is unbelievable, too.

Nice as it is, if I had to choose one American track to be added it would be Mid Ohio hands down.