Bans and enforcement issues

Enforcement cases are not open for discussion on the forums and cannot be addressed here due to privacy. Most game bans are game-specific, so being banned in FH4 may not impact your ability to play FH5, but you will need to contact Forza Support to confirm this.

If you’ve received a game ban you’ll have an in-game message about it with a link. Refer to the Why Was I Banned? article at Forza Support to check your ban history and Submit a Ticket to reach out to the team for more info.

When submitting a ticket or replying to a request for additional information, do not abuse or threaten Microsoft employees or post profane, bigoted, or otherwise provocative content. Disregard for these rules may result in the closure of your Case Review. Especially egregious violations may result in additional Xbox Live enforcement action.


I have been banned however I am now unbanned yet I still have no ability to access online features


New to being banned after being a Forza gamer since the beginning. I just want to get back online and playing with my friends. I am not here to appeal or discuss my ban. Just have a question that I sent a ticket in on yesterday that apparently wasn’t read. Do bans typically run past the expiration date? I get it you don’t want people coming here to discuss their ban but its not longer a ban as it has expired. Thanks for any information, as this is my last resort.

**Start Date (UTC)**11/9/2021 12:04:53 AM Expire Date (UTC) 11/16/2021 12:04:53 AM


I’ve got the EXACT same issue. I was banned 11/9-11/16 for trying to use the same plate that’s on my personal vehicle “OVE BITC” and I STILL can’t get online. I no longer see the “you’ve been banned” alert either.


Sweet, I am glad I am not the only one. Maybe they are super busy ban hammering the goliath glitch club lol. I got banned because I used the letter F on my license plate. I have learned my lesson and won’t do it again. I am not trying to spend $100 on a game to not be able to play it the way I want too.


I have the same issue


I have that exact issue


Same here, i has banned on 11/8/2021 because a livery, with the end of it on 11/15/2021, and so far the ban effects are still on, no online. Even the 20th anniversary Porsche was denied.

Shame that we pay 100€ but the mechanics of the game just don’t work, one day to get banned, almost three days after the ban ends and it still hasn’t been lifted.


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Was banned last week for a Offensive vinyl and honestly agree with and won’t argue, but what confuses me it was meant to just stop me making and downloading Vinyls and tunes but ever since I receive the ban I cannot connect to multiplayer at all. It doesn’t give me any reason why it won’t work it just says ‘you’ve been disconnected from the server’ and asks me to retry. Failing every time I try. I shrug it off as I did most my weekly challenges prior but then for some reason last night my ban was extended for some reason and I’m seriously confused because I couldn’t do anything to even warrant the extension, heck I haven’t even touched the game since last Thursday. Every ticket I’ve sent in is just automatically closed with no input from a advisor or anything. Any advice on what to do?


Im having the same issue, my ban ended a few days ago and i cant play online or do some features, its like i’m still banned but instead of getting a message saying i’m banned when i try to do certain things it just says this feature has been disabled. I submitted a ticket but nothing yet. Just checked my ban info again and its still over… cant delete designs or connect to multiplayer. Really irritating they do this when its my first ban in the 13 years i’ve been playing forza games. i’ll let you know if i get a fix or reply on my ticket.


Please let me know it’s the same with me, first ban since I started playing the series in Forza Motorsport 3. Feel like I got a ban extension over the same content that they won’t let me remove.


I also encountered the same problem, saying that I use pornographic painting ~ directly block 9999/12/31…
Any submission is closed


Same issue. Was banned for “Sexual Content - Sexually inappropriate” I have no idea what they are referring to, but now that my ban has expired it would be nice to play with my friends again…


Hi there Forza Team. I was on ban from UGC for a week now. My given ban time said it was gonna end today 4:57pm. However, it’s now past that time and I still can’t access any of the online features. Why am I still banned even though I’m over my unbanned date?


I just thought the servers were offline then I see a Banned Message, Unbanned Date 12/18/2021" Your gamertag has been banned from this feature. For more information about Xbox networks terms and services agreement, please visit". No reason as to why or what I violated. I just started playing this game two days ago. Tried to open a ticket and it immediately closed with no reason as to why… I’m dumbfounded.


So apparently I just got banned yesterday for creating a Let’s go Brandon bumper sticker… it was labeled as abusive language. :joy:


Good Evening,
I’ve had a ‘Ban’ no idea why, Ban time is over and still wont let me online,
anyone know how long i STILL have to wait or any clue what’s happing.

any advice would be lovely

look after yourselves and thanks in advance.


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( je suis dans le meme cas que toi )

Bonjour !
Le 12-11-2021 je me suis fait bannir pour motif : " UserGeneratedContent -Disruptive - Illegal drugs or controlled substances " et ce jusqu’au 19-11-2021.
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