Banning Question

I see lots of “I BEEN BANNED” and I or my other friends don’t not wish to get one our selfs, I thought I would ask.
I almost all ways play in a private lobby with only invited friend, who I know.
We always have a private party chat, and normally race and general chit chat.
But like all boy have fun, Sometime the conversation language get’s hummm interesting, And sometime turns into a destruction derby. Lol, but again I do stress this is among friends in a private race, which some AI do get hurt.
so would this cause a problem? as it is in a private session.
I hope that I am Allowed to ask this kind I question, as do not wish to cause a problem.

If it’s a private session where everybody knows everybody, there should be no issue.

Most bannings come when 2 people who don’t know each other interact.

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Stick with your mates, unless you can find clean racers, there was a topic/post somewhere on hear asking for clean racers to race with, but can’t remeber where I saw it now.

Thank for the quick reply, and fewwwww, normaly we are clean racers but thought I would ask the question.
I have done a few none private races but just get really annoyed, Eg, Once going around a corner I had accentually took someone out. They had come off on a corner and just without looking came back on the track and I could not do anything as it was last min and ended up taking them out, It was one of thought I could not do ANYTHING about. A lap later they had caught up and just used me as a battering ram, clearly very saw about getting hit. This ended my race as I was miles back when I got going again. It was then I could not be borthered,
At the end of the day this is a game but like in real racing accident do happen and other get so uptight about it and just do not let it go. Hence I only now do private lobbys and invite only.
I do enjoy a clean race and like in life there will all ways be some exchange of paint work and nugges which do end up at some point coming off, but it is when it gets malicious there is no point.
OOPS rant over. Lol

If you bump into someome best to say sorry, that way the person(s) who you bumped knows you didn’t do it on purpose, I think it’s when don’t say anything problems start or worse they report you for being a wreaker even if you didn’t mean to, that goes for any game not just forza.

that the annoyence, I had said sorry, as on game chat and got nothing back so there were not on chat or listening. but that is common courtesy. Still not saying that i am perfect lol

I would just stick with your mates, not worth all the problems it can cause.

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you aren’t going to get banned for hitting an AI lol. It comes from being reported which I assume your friends wouldn’t do

He might have some “friends” that might report him for a bit of a stir

Well, some time an AI need to be put back in Its Place, lol
with the other that i race with, we should be fine.
but thanks for clearing all this up for us.

I would NOT “put the AI in its place” as you said. You’re training your Drivatar to be aggressive, and it will respond that way to others when “you” appear in their races.

If you expect them to drive without pulling tricks on you, don’t create your own image of anything but courteous driving.

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