I logged on to fh3 for some reason. Here is what it says:

"From: Turn 10 Community Team
Duration: 165h 33:13
Unbanned Date: 05/12/2016
Your gamertag has been banned from this feature. For more information about Xbox Live’s terms and services agreement, please visit

That is exactly what is said, doesn’t tell me what I did, the only thing I can think of was a paint job I posted for the GMC Vandura which said free candy on the side. Otherwise no clue.

If anybody could help me out it would be appreciated, my gamertag is radicalm3at and I own the game on Xbox w

What you did was violate the Microsoft Code of Conduct by trying to post a pedophile-type enticement of “FREE CANDY” on a livery. That is not acceptable in either regular society trying to lure children into a van with promises of candy, puppies, etc., and certainly is against the regulations as enforced by Turn 10 employees in any of the Forza series of games.

Neither bans nor the consequences of violations are discussed on these forums. You may send them an email at if you wish, however, your ban will likely expire prior to receiving a response.

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