My husband was banned for what I think was a license plate [Mod Edit - names removed - MM]
You ban for veiled so called plate, but yet moderators allow nudes and people like these to post actual unveiled swears. Your obvious bias in this Forza thing ridiculous. You Got me user has a blatantly perverted disgusting pic, as a woman I do not find this or any other depictions of the female forms on these vinyls acceptable for anyone let alone children. Children who may not understand a “veiled” license plate yet they are allowed to view this disgusting stuff. Amazing, why not ban anyone for this? Can we have some consistency on this stuff please?

Moderators most certainly do not ‘allow’ liveries with nudity or profanity. Your own situation may have just been reported and reviewed in sequence before the others. If you know of a specific gamertag and violation you may also report it to the email below or to a moderator, but reporting via the game method is always best. Forum rules don’t allow naming and shaming.