Today I tried to play forza multiplayer and wasn’t allowed. I then noticed a banned message. It says nothing about what it’s relating too. I haven’t even played multiplayer since the Porsche expansion came out. Been busy with the campaign. Is there a way to at least find out why so I don’t have this problem again. This seems ridiculous. No warnings anymore?

Not ridiculous at all, but unsportsmanlike behavior in violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. Cutting corners, crashing other cars and deliberating running improper non-racing lines through chicanes while bashing through competitors is improper in Forza Motorsport 6 and resulted in a seven-day, 168-hour time out from playing with others.

Neither Turn 10’s enforcement of the regulations or your specific ban are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to T10 at You will receive an automated response, directing you to these forums, however the ban will probably expire before an answer is made. You might check other threads such as where there are abundant complaints of the behavior for which you’ve received a ban.