Banned until 2049?? Really??

I was banned today (I don’t know why!) I had 113mln credit and when I got online today (after installing the game with xbox game pass PC) I had 999.999.999 credit!
I thought it was a game bug, so I played the game as usual.
When I played (after 1 hour) again I found the gamertag banned. I want my gamertag online again, I never used a cheat code or anything that can alter the software, I am an honest player, so I simply want my account as it was before today with my 113.000.000 credits and my gamertag not banned anymore. I bought xbox one s only to play forza… please help me!
I spent a lot of money (more than 70$ + game purchase) and I don’t know why I was banned and how I hat 999.999.999 money on my gamertag, I want my money back (113mln) as I had before installing the game on PC (I removed it but still banned!).
Hope you can help me.
Marco (spider74)

Players who believe they have been unfairly banned can fill out a ticket for further investigation.

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