Banned on xbox one

I hope someone can tell me why i was banned from forza 5,I think it could be a vinyl that has a hand symbol that I thoght was like a peace sign or horns like a rockstar makes but had know idea that it was offensive.If thats even the infraction,who knows ,because I share alot.I wish turn 10 would state the infraction in the banned message,so that offenders could stop offending.

I’m not a moderator but this is what I found in another thread. You’ll need to contact Turn 10 directly at Bans are not discussed in these forums.

Also there is no talking about bans on the forums so expect this to be locked real soon.

When we create our Xbox LIVE accounts, we agree to abide by the Xbox Code of Conduct which is the warning with all the regulations about creating items in games, including the Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Horizon and now FM5 games.

You would think with one having the experience you’ve got across all those games, it would be best if you do a review of the rules. It is our duty to abide by the rules, not the obligation of Turn 10 to tell us what is right or wrong, such as another person’s creations without their permission (which in one case happens to be a Turn 10 staff member) including importing that into Horizon, and . . . (in part):

"•Do not create a Gamertag, profile content, Avatar content, in-game content, videos, or any other content that other users may be offended by. This includes, without limitation, anything related to or suggestive of:
◦Profane words or phrases
◦Topics or content of a sexual nature

"•Do not create or share any content that is offensive or discriminatory; that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence; or that promotes organizations devoted to those purposes based on considerations of:
◦National origin
◦Veteran status
◦Sexual orientation or expression"

Neither individual bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct by Turn 10 are discussed on these forums. If you wish to voice your opinion or object to this pattern of violations, you may contact Turn 10 via email at