Banned: I wasn't even in a match.

First, I just tried twice to submit a support ticket, but the stupid CAPTCHA verification seems to be broken.
Now, I had just completed my second qualifying series. It showed I had done 2 and gave me my rewards, then put me back into freeroam. I clicked to enter another ranked race session and a few seconds later it told me I was banned for leaving a match early. While I was in freeroam.
Can someone please fix this soon?

getting banned for nothing is pretty popular in ranked its broken, it kicks you out at about round 3 and then everyone in that event gets banned for leaving, im waiting for them to respond as i got banned on my first event as the whole group got kicked into free roam we all got banned, if they dont fix this then im going for a refund i think getting banned because of broken online is not something that is good for players