Banned from using this service.

I have recently been banned from uploading deigns to share. Can some one in there infinite wisdom please tell me why? I find it completely unacceptable to be banned for this length of time with absolutely no explanation? Are you going to refund my game dlc? I have not set out deliberately to break any rules, offend anyone or upset the system. The designs and liveries I make are for the good of the game and the enjoyment of all players young and old. I spend most of my time creating designs and making replica liveries as this is the main purpose I play forza 5. I have the same designs on forza 4 and have not been banned? What is going on with this shambolic display of customer service. Remember it is us that make the game what it is. I have spent hours and hours making designs to share. At least tell me is wrong. I can correct the issue and let me continue as normal. A ban is ridiculous. You should have at least asked me about the item you have deemed offensive or in correct so I could amend it. Come on turn 10 play the game.


You must of had some kind of design that was offensive to someone. Happened to me when I made a marijuana design, got like 2 weeks or something. You can do everything but download/upload designs. Not game threatening.

Oh wow…so you get banned without being informed what the offending material was? Regardless of whether you deserved to be banned or not(without seeing images of all of your liveries), not telling you specifically what the offending article was…is junk…

PS: Lol at a ban for pot, as its legal in some states and countries, while booze and cigs are plastered everywhere in racing, and have been throughout the decades…

Was it a poor reason for a ban? Yes
Did I contend it? No

It really didn’t bother me too much, I learned my lesson, and realize this game caters to people from all walks of life and ages, and should have been more respectful (or just better choose my wording ;P)

I have since removed offensive vinyl and still enjoy the game as much as I did before the ban.

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I’m sure you will be pointed in the direction of xbox live Ts & Cs rather than be given a specific answer to why you are banned. The game is rated as suitable for all ages, so easy to see why people wind up breaking the rules - even if not on purpose.

Take the guy banned for the marihuana reference. He may not have found it an issue, but I wouldn’t be happy if my son was exposed to advertisements for a classified drug. And yes, though it may be legal in some stated in the US, it is still illegal about most of the world.

common sense usually prevents bans


The correct response, here, is that bans are not discussed in the forums. Original poster: if you want to know the reason for your debarment, you’ll need to contact Turn 10 directly at

Correct - specifics about bans are not discussed here. In general, Forza / Turn 10 follows the XBox Live Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.

Note that when you send email to you will receive an auto-reply, and you may or may not receive an individual reply. However, all email sent to that address (after cleaning out spam and junk) is reviewed by Turn 10 staff.

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