Banned from storefront and auction house Forza Motorsport 4

Hi i have been banned from the auction house and storefront for trying to sell a unicorn car. I have tried to contact forza through their email 4 times now over the last 4 weeks and no reply so i thought i shell try here. All i want is to be able to use these features even if it results in my account being reset. Thanks everyone.

Permanent bans like that expire when they expire. Attempting to manipulate the game system as created is a very BIG no-no under the Microsoft Code of Conduct.

Have patience in receiving a response. Turn 10 administers the regulations in Forza Motorsport 4, and your four emails just stacks up the items they must sort through. Coming to the forums for assistance on a permanent ban for hacking a game won’t do any good because these are primarily peer support.