Banned from leagues and I have a few questions


I logged into Forza Motorsport 6 today and found out that I was banned from the leagues. I am aware that this will probably get locked, but I have a couple of questions.

First of all, I would like to know what actions got me banned?

My second question…since I’m banned, am I not eligible to receive the League exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo for that week? I was in the top 20% or so right before I got banned.

Can I still receive the rivals-exclusive Lamborghinis?

Thank you.

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What actions you ask? Unsportsmanlike actions, deliberately wrecking others even when you go a lap down as you attack cars a lap or more ahead of you. Those are violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct which are not tolerated.

Neither bans, the resulting consequences, nor the enforcement of the regulations by Turn 10 employees are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to them at, however by the time you receive a response your initial seven-day (168 hours) ban probably will have expired.