Banned from auction house?

Can someone explain why I’ve been banned from the auction house? I haven’t done anything and I’m at a complete loss as to why and how you can get banned from the auction house. I’ve tried bidding on a few cars, purchased one and sold halo car. I mean even online I’ve done 2 drag strip races and came off as I prefer single player.

I’m on xbox one and gt is silcrows.


You’re banned for violating the Microsoft Code of Conduct with a Vinyl offering “Free Sweets Inside.” Such pedophile creations don’t fly in regular neighborhoods and violate the rules on Xbox Live, too.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations by Turn 10 employees are discussed on these forums. You may send them an email at if you wish, however before your ban expires probably the only response you’ll be getting is an automated “receipt” referring you back to the forums here.